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The secret of the 7 springs

The history of the spring in Thalheim in the Murtal region spans thousands of years, from the Celts and Romans right up to the present day.


The spring in Thalheim is acknowledged as the oldest mineral spring in Styria. Excavations show that the Celts and the Romans established settlements at the seven curative water springs.

According to historians, two thousand years ago two major traffic routes intersected between Pöls and Thalheim, the "Norische Hauptstraße" and the "Römische Murtalstraße" – and fresh, clean water of the highest quality was absolutely crucial for travellers during this time.

We also know that the Crusaders later used the springs for refreshment after crossing the Tauern mountain range on their way to the Holy Land. The local Styrian farmers even constructed a bathhouse at the spring, where they could refresh both body and soul.


On November 30th, 1567, aged 51, Franz von Teuffenbach drew up a will in which he made provision for the creation of a charitable foundation for the poor after his death. This also included the castle and part of his estate. Teuffenbach's foundation still exists to this day, in fact.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the healing water from the spring was first marketed under the name "Thalheimer Sauerbrunn". Initially, the castle was also extended and enlarged – for example through the addition of a chapel –, but later it was left to gradually fall into ruin.


The healing water continued to be highly valued, and at the 1908 World Exhibition in Brussels the Schlossquelle Thalheim even received an award for the best spring tap, but the spring systems were left to slowly deteriorate over the course of the 20th century before being finally shut down.

The special tradition of Thalheim’s healing water was only revived in 2018: the revitalization and extensive modernisation of the system has made the uniquely mineral-rich water available to everyone again. Not only that, Thalheim is now also producing its own very distinctive soft drinks and beers.